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Western Yamuna Canal Stage - I Hydroelectric Project JH00921

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1Hydroelectric Project Name Western Yamuna Canal Stage - I Hydroelectric Project
2Hydroelectric Project Name Alias
3State Haryana
4Districts Yamunanagar
5River Yamuna
6Basin Ganga
7Hydroelectric Region North HE Region
8Total Installed Capacity (MW) 94.4
9Type of Project Major (> 25 MW)
10Hydroelectric Project Status Completed
11Purpose Hydroelectric
12Owner State
13Owner Name HPGCL
14Interbasin No
15Project Sharing None
16Interstate Aggrements
17Intercountry None
1Hathini Kund BarrageBWA
2Western Yamuna Canal Power House APOWERHOUSE
3Western Yamuna Canal Power House BPOWERHOUSE
4Western Yamuna Canal Power House CPOWERHOUSE
5Western Yamuna Canal Power House DPOWERHOUSE

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