West flowing rivers of Kutch and Saurashtra including Luni

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Hydro Meterological Observation Stations Map

Hydro Meterological Observation Stations Map


The basin extends over large areas in Rajasthan and Gujarat and covers whole of Diu having an area of 321,851 Sq.km with maximum length and width of 865 km and 445 km. It lies between 67°52’ to 75°19’ east longitudes and 20°53’ to 26°57’ north latitudes. The basin is bounded by Aravalli range and Gujarat plains on the east, by Rajasthan desert on north, and by the Arabian Sea on the south and the west. Luni is the major river system of the basin and it originates from western slopes of the Aravalli ranges at an elevation of 772 m in Ajmer district of Rajasthan. The total length of the river is 511 km and it drains a total area of 32,879 Sq.km. The river flows up to Rann of Kutch forming a delta where the water spreads out and does not contribute any runoff. The main tributaries of Luni joining from left are the Lilri, the Guhiya, the Bandi (Hemawas), the Sukri, the Jawai, the Khari Bandi, the Sukri Bandi and the Sagi whereas the Jojri joins it from right. Other independent rivers of the basin are the Shetrunji, the Bhadar, the Machhu, the Rupen, the Saraswati and the Banas. The Shetrunji drains into the Gulf of Khambhat, the Bhadar outfalls into Arabian Sea, and the Machhu, the Rupen, the Saraswati and the Banas drains into Little Rann of Kutch. The major part of basin is covered with agriculture accounting to 65.06% of the total area and only 5.25% of the basin is covered by water bodies. The basin spreads over 20 parliamentary constituencies (2009) comprising 11 of Gujarat, 8 of Rajasthan, and 1 of Daman

Salient Features
Basin Extent

67° 52’ to 75° 19’ E
20° 53’ to 26° 57’ N
Length of Luni River(Km) 511
Basin Area (Sq.km.) 321851
Average Water Resource Potential (MCM) 15100
Utilizable Surface Water Resource(MCM) 15000
Live Storage Capacity of Completed Projects (MCM) 6825.0
Live Storage Capacity of Projects Under Construction (MCM) 509.0
Total Live Storage Capacity of Projects (MCM) 7334.0
No. of Hydrological Observation Stations (CWC) 14
No. of Flood Forecasting Stations (CWC) 1

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