West flowing rivers from Tapi to Tadri

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Hydro Meterological Observation Stations Map

Hydro Meterological Observation Stations Map


The basin covers parts of Maharashtra, Gujarat, Karnataka, Goa and Union Territory of Dadra & Nagar Haveli and Daman & Diu having an area of 55,940 Sq.km with maximum length and width of 796 km and 137 km. It spreads between 72°33’ to 75°14’ east longitudes and 14°17’ to 21°13’ north latitudes. The basin is bounded by Gujarat plains on the north, by Western Ghats on north-east and east, and by Arabian Sea in the west and south. The various rivers in the basin does not meet into one forming a major stream, rather they flow independently and drains directly into the Arabian Sea. The independent rivers in the basin are the Purna, the Ambika, the Damanganga, the Vaitarna, the Ulhas, the Amba, the Savitri, the Vashishti, the Kajvi, the Vaghotan, the Gad, the Mandavi, the Kalinadi, the Gangavali (Bedti) and the Tadri.
The major part of basin is covered with agriculture accounting to 43.95% of the total area while 4.70% of the basin area is covered by water bodies. The basin spreads over 25 parliamentary constituencies (2009) comprising 15 of Maharashtra, 4 of Gujarat, 2 of Karnataka, 2 of Goa, 1 of Daman & Diu and 1 of Dadra & Nagar Haveli.

Salient Features of Indus Basin (Upto border)
Basin Extent

72° 33’ to 75° 14’ E
14° 17’ to 21° 13’ N
Length of Indus River (Km) Many Independent rivers flowing
Basin Area (Sq.km.) 55940
Average Water Resource Potential (MCM) 87411
Utilizable Surface Water Resource(MCM) 11900
Live Storage Capacity of Completed Projects (MCM) 14267.0
Live Storage Capacity of Projects Under Construction (MCM) 2329.0
Total Live Storage Capacity of Projects (MCM) 16596.0
No. of Hydrological Observation Stations (CWC) 22
No. of Flood Forecasting Stations (CWC) 3

Interstate Agreements

1. Agreement Dated 28th September, 1992 between state of Gujarat, Union Territories of Dadra Nagar Havelli and Daman & Diu. View

2. Agreement Dated 6th April, 1990 executed between the Governments of Goa and Maharashtra for execution and management of Tillari Irrigation Project. view

3. Central government has constituted Mahadayi Water Disputes Tribunal (MWDT) vide notification dated 16th November, 2010.

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