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Constitutional Provisions View
Central Laws and Acts of Parliament
The Damodar valley Corporation Act, 1948 View
The River Board Act,1956 View
The River Board Rules, 1958 View
Punjab Reorganisation Act,1966, Part-VIII (Bhakra Nangal & Beas Project) View
Bhakra (Beas) Management Board Rules View
The Betwa River Board Act, 1976 View
The Water (Prevention and Control of Pollution) Cess Act,1977 View
The Brahmaputra Board Act, 1980 View
Inter State Water Disputes Act, 1956 as modified upto 31.12.1980 View
Forest (Conservation) Act, 1980, with amendments made in 1988 View
Forest Conservation Rules, 1981 ( as amended upto May, 1992) View
The Environment (Protection) Act, 1986 View
The Water (Prevention and Control of Pollution ) Cess (Amendment) Act, 1991 View
Notification on Environment (Protection) Rules, 1986 View
Notifications, Resolutions and Orders
Notification-constituting the Tungabhadra Board View
Resolution- Setting up the Rajasthan Canal Board View
Resolution- Setting up Gandak Control Board View
Notification- Setting up Mahi Control Board View
Resolution- Setting up Bansagar Control Board View
Revision in the formula for sharing the proceeds assessed and collected under the water (Prevention and control of pollution ) Cess Act, 1977 View
Resolution: Rajasthan Canal Board View
Notification: The Beas Construction Board View
Resolution: Kosi Control Board View
Resolution: View
Resolution:Indira Gandhi Nahar Board View
Order: Inter-state issues in water resources View
Resolution:Allocation of surface flow of yamuna upto Okhla View
Constitution and functions of upper yamuna river roard View

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