The Vamanapuram river has its origin in the Chemunji Motai at about 1,860m, above MSL. The river has length of 88 km and drains an area of 687 before joining the Anjengo lake at Chirayinkil. There is one CWC Hydrological Observation Station at Ayilam on this river.

The climate is generally hot with humidity through out the coastal belt and in mid land, where as in hilly region of the basin it is very cool, for most of the period in the year. As per the I.M.D observations, the normal mean daily temperature of the basin varies from 26.2°c to 28.8°c. The basin experiences annual rainfall between 1836 mm and 4651 mm. The mean monthly wind velocity as per the I.M.D. observation varies from 4.8 to 11.2 km/hour.

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