The Tambraparani river rises on the Eastern slopes of the Western Ghats at an elevation of about 1,400 m at North latitude 80 46' and East longitude 77° 15' near Alwarkurichi village in Thirunelveli district of Tamil Nadu to flow in a generally Easterly direction for a total length of 130 km and join the gulf of Mannar. The Chittar and Manimuthar are the important left and right bank tributaries of the Tambraparani. The Tambraparani drains an area of 5,482 Sq.Km.

Geology of Tamiraparani basin comprises of crystalline rocks of Archaean age on the western portion and sedimentary formation of Tertiary and Quaternary ages on the eastern coastal area. Nearly 90% of the basin area is covered by the crystalline rocks such as metamorphosed rocks (gneisses and charnockites). Sedimentary formations of Tertiary age consists of calcareous tufa sandstones and shell limestones. Quaternary formations are laterite, kankar, shell limestone, alluvium, theri sands and silts. The windblown red sanddunes of Sawyerpuram theri and Kudiraimozhi theri occur in the northeastern and southeastern part of the basin respectively.

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