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Krishna (Srisailam) – Pennar Link forms a part of the scheme of transfer of surplus waters of Mahanadi and Godavari rivers to the deficit basins of Krishna, Pennar, Cauvery and Vaigai. The link scheme is an important part of the various proposals for inter-basin water transfer under the Peninsular Rivers Development Component of National Perspective Plan. The aim of Krishna (Srisailam) - Pennar link is to transfer a part of the additional water available at Srisailam by partial exchange of the surplus waters of the Mahanadi and the Godavari rivers proposed to be brought to the Krishna river. The diversion of the water is proposed by utilising the existing Srisailam reservoir and Srisailam Right Main Canal (SRMC). The water will be drawn into SRMC through Pothireddipadu head regulator and is proposed to be let-off into Nippulavagu stream through the existing Banakacherla cross regulator and the escape channel. Thereafter, the water will reach the Pennarriver through the natural streams of Nippulavagu, Galeru and Kunderu. The total length of the link canal is about 204 km out of which 180 km is through natural streams.

The conveyance system of the project will be 203.618 km long which includes 3.4 km of existing approach channel, 16.338 km of ongoing Srisailam Right Main Canal, 3.56 km escape channel and 180.32 km of natural streams of Nippulavagu, Galeru and Kunderu. The link is proposed to take off from the foreshore of the existing Srisailam reservoir and the diversion is envisaged through the Srisailam Right Main Canal up to Banakacherla cross regulator where from the water will be let-off into Nippulavagu stream through an existing escape channel. The water will reach the Pennar River through natural streams viz. Nippulavagu, Galeru and Kunderu. The link canal is proposed to be operated during six months from July to December every year. No enroute irrigation is proposed as the area in the vicinity is being served/ proposed to be served by the existing Kurnool-Cuddapah canal, ongoing Srisailam Right Branch Canal and Mylavaram North Canal. A quantum of 2095 Mm3 of water, after accounting a quantity of 215 Mm3 as transmission losses, will reach Pennar for further utilisation in Pennar delta and beyond through Pennar (Somasila)-Cauvery (Grand Anicut) link.

The water is being diverted through the natural river stream as such no adverse environmental impact is anticipated. Employment opportunities will be created during construction of the project which will enhance the living standard of the people in the area. Four mini hydel schemes are proposed enroute of the conveyance system utilising the natural falls of the streams Nippulavagu, Galeru and Kunderu. The total installed capacity of the four hydel schemes is 17 MW. The estimated annual energy that could be generated from all the four powerhouses is 74.784 MU.

The total cost of the four mini powerhouses is Rs. 76.94 crore. The annual net revenue from power generation is estimated to be Rs. 26.15 crore. The financial return of the power component works out to 33.99%. The overall cost of the link project is estimated to be Rs. 81.29 crore based on 1998-99 schedule of rates.

The benefit-cost ratio of the whole project by cost-benefit method has been worked out considering the power benefits and cost of the mini hydel schemes and link canal. This is found to be 2.5. The internal rate of return of the whole project considering with and without distributional and employment effect works out to 29.35 % and 25.57 % respectively.

Source:National Water Development Agency (NWDA)

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