Basin Description

Rupen river originates from Taranga hill ranges near Kheralu taluka of Mehsana district in Gujarat at anelevation of 180 m above m.s.l. and decends in South Westgern direction and travels through Mehsana District before it drains into little Rann of Kachchh. The Rupen basin is a Northern basin of Gujarat and is situated between 230 25’to 240 00’North latitude and 71 0 30’to 720 46’East longitude approx.

Description of River System

Pushpavathi and Khari the two right bank tributaries of Rupen River drains into the main channel. There is only one left tributary namely Khari. Hence the drainage system on the right bank of Rupen river is more extensive as compared to the left bank area. Pushpavathi and Khari the two important tributaries which together drain nearly 24.6% of the total catchment area of Rupen River. Pushpavathi is the principal tributary of Rupen rising from the hilly ranges upstream of Balad village of Kheralu taluk, in Mahesana district of Gujarat at an elevation of 183 above m.s.l. Pushpavathi meets the main river Rupen at upstream of village Sapawada. The catchment area, length and elevation of sources of the above three tributaries are as shown below:

Name of RiverBankElevation of Source above sea Level (Meter)Length (km)catchment area (sq km)
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