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Polavaram Vijayawada Link project is part of the interlinking of Mahanadi – Godavari – Krishna – Pennar – Cauvery - Vaigai rivers which is the most important and major part of the inter-basin water transfer proposal in Peninsular India. Godavari (Polavaram) - Krishna (Vijayawada) Link Canal Project envisages the construction of a link canal with a capacity for carrying 5325 Mm3 from the Polavaram reservoir replacing the Right Main Canal of Polavaram project proposed by Andhra Pradesh.

Godavari (Polavaram) - Krishna (Vijayawada) link canal takes off from the right bank of Godavari at the proposed Polavaram reservoir. The canal, after traversing 174 km, falls into river Budameru (which drains into Kollerulake) at a point upstream of Velagaleru regulator. From the regulator, the canal water is let into the existing Budameru Diversion Channel, which after traversing 12 km, joins river Krishna at about 8 km upstream of the existing Prakasam barrage at Vijayawada. Diversion of 5325 Mm3 of water is envisaged through the canal. This will cater transfer of 2265 Mm3 to the Krishna delta as committed under the GWDT award, en route irrigation requirement of 1402 Mm3,en route domestic and industrial requirements of 162 Mm3 and transmission losses of 260 Mm3 .

The remaining 1236 Mm3 of water will also be utilized for stabilising the existing ayacut under Krishna delta. With the quantity of 1402 Mm3 of water available for en route irrigation, an area of 139740 ha (CCA) will be benefited with 150% intensity of irrigation.

The entire canal and the command areas lie in the State of Andhra Pradesh. The total length of the link canal from Polavaram to Budameru will be 174 km. The canal will pass through West Godavari and Krishna districts of Andhra Pradesh. The design discharge at the head of the canal is 405.12 cumec. The canal will be of trapezoidal section and will be lined throughout its length. The bed width will be 68.5 m and full supply depth will be 4.9 m. The bed slope will be 1 in 20000. The link canal is proposed to be operated throughout the year.

The total cost of the Polavaram - Vijayawada link project including cost of command area development, but excluding the apportioned cost of head works i.e., Polavaram dam and appurtenant works, is estimated to be Rs. 148391 lakh at 1994-95 price level. The net value of annual benefits from irrigation in the en route command due to the project works out to Rs. 20110 lakh against the annual cost of Rs. 16462.74 lakh. Thus the B.C. ratio works out to 1.22.

Source:National Water Development Agency (NWDA)

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