Peninsular Component


In this component, NWDA studied in depth water balance studies of various major river basins including Mahanadi, Godavari, Krishna, Pennar, Cauvery, Vaigai, West flowing rivers of Kerala, Karnataka, north of Bombay and south of Tapi and southern tributaries of Yamuna to establish water surplus and deficit regions.
These studies indicate that while Mahanadi and Godavari basins are water surplus, other basins in Peninsular India such as Krishna, Pennar, Cauvery and Vaigai are water deficit. As a next step, pre-feasibility studies for 16 probable links were carried out. Feasibility Studies of all the links under Peninsular Component have been completed except for two links namely Netravati - Hemavati and Bedti - Varda links. Also, these studies suggest that it is technically possible and economically viable to transfer water from the surplus river basins to the deficit ones. Each link, in this component is briefly described here. This information is tentative and likely to change at DPR stage.

Feasibility Studies

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