The river Pazhayar originating from the slopes of Mahendragiri hills at an altitude of 800 m above M.S.L, flows towards South-Western direction through Mahendragiri Estate, Palkulam, Bhuttapandi, Thazhikudi, Nagercoil town, Suchindram, etc. and joins the Arabian Sea near Manakudi . The basin contains number of water storage tanks/bunds. The catchment area of the river is 397 Sq.Km. The total length of the river is 40 Km. There is one CWC Hydrological Observation Station at Ashramam on this river.

The Tambraparni and Valliyar river basins lie Northern side of Pazhayar River. There exists one inter basin canal connecting Tambraparni basin and Pazhayar basins, so as to feed water for irrigation, etc in Pazhayar basin, as this basin is experiencing scarcity of water. There is no major project in Pazhayar basin.

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