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Netravati-himavati link proposes to divert 188 Mcum of surplus water from Netravati basin to water short Cauvery basin to irrigate an area of about 33,813 hectares under the command of Hemavati Irrigation Project in the drought prone Tumkur, Hassan and Mandya districts of Karnataka. In this project too, the total lift shall be of the order of 81 m, in two stages; consuming a total power of about 6 MW. The total length of the canal is about 11 km., which includes 3 tunnels of total length of 8.4 km.

The project proposal comprises two stages. Under Stage-I, the surplus waters of Yattinhole reservoir of Netravati basin will be lifted to a height of 19.50 m to divert into Hemavati river. Under Stage-II, the combined surplus waters of Kerihole and Hongadhallad hole reservoirs of Netravati basin will be lifted to a height of 61.31 m for diverting into Hemavati river of Cauvery basin. The conveyance system from Yattinhole to Hemavati river is 3.54 km long (including 3.04 km long tunnel). The interlinking tunnel from Keri hole to Hongadhallad hole reservoir is 3.98 km long. The conveyance system from Hongadhallad hole to Hemavati river is 3.30 km long with a tunnel of 1.375 km.

The Yattinhole reservoir at FRL 900.00 m will submerge about 295 ha of area in Sakleshpur taluk of Hassan district, of which 78 ha is in forest land, 173 ha in cultivable land and 44 ha under non-agricultural use. The Keri hole reservoir at FRL 865.70 m will submerge an area of about 120 ha of which, 33 ha is forest land, 73 ha is cultivable land and 14 ha under non-agricultural use. The third reservoir viz. Hongadhallad hole at FRL 865.70 m will submerge about 350 ha, of which 97 ha is forest land, 218 ha is cultivable land and 35 ha under non-agricultural use. No important historical monuments and archaeological structures will be coming under submergence. The submergence area coming under these reservoirs are uninhabited and as such no population is affected due to the submergence.

Source:National Water Development Agency (NWDA)

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