National Waterways-5


The East Coast Canal stretch along with Brahmani and Mahanadi delta river system is defined as NW-5. It includes the canal stretch between Geonkhali and Charbatia (217 km), part of Matai River between Charbatia and Dhamra (40 km), part of Brahmani, Kharsua and Dhamra river system between Talcher and Dhamra (265 km) and Mahanadi delta river system between Mangalgadi and Paradeep (101 km). Total length of NW-5 is 623 km.

In accordance with Section 14(2)© of the Inland Waterways Authority of India Act, 1985 (82 of 1985), IWAI has published River Navigational charts for the three National Waterways NW-1, NW-2 and NW-3, which are available. The maps of NW-4 and NW-5 will be available after getting permission from Survey of India.

Index Map of National waterways-5

DPR for this new NW is at advance stage of completion. After its completion a consolidated project for development of waterway will be submitted to Govt. for sanction.

Name National Waterway-5
Date of declaration Declared on 25th November 2008
Total length 623 km
Stretch Details

* Matai River (Charbatia-Dhamra)- 40 Km

  • Brahmani, Kharsua & Dharma River Systerm-265 Km
  • Mahanadi Delta ( River Mangalgadi-Paradeep)-101 Km
Owner Inland Waterways Authority of India (IWAI)
Operator Central Inland Water Transport Corporation (CIWTC)
Narrow portions Talcher to Jokadia- 0.20 m to 0.6m.
Navigational Aids National Waterways 4 and 5, IWAI initiated the proposals for development in July 2010. Techno-economic studies for establishment of National Waterways NW-4 was done by Water And Power Consultancy Services (WAPCOS), a subsidiary of Ministry of Water Resources
Important Terminals Talcher, Jenapur , Dhamra, Paradip, Balasore, Nasirabad, Geonkhali
Transport Coal from Talcher to Dhamra and Paradip ports is the most important potential cargo for this waterway. Immediately after the development of the waterway, it is estimated in the DPR that about 11 million tonne of cargo can be transported per year which can go up to 23 million tonne in next 15 years or so.Other likely likely commodities are Finished Goods, Manufactured Products and Agricultural Products.
Navigation canal portion of NW-5 Orissa Coast Canal, Hijli Tidal Canal
Land Acquisition Land Acquisition Details (Statewise)-
West Bengal- 846 Ha
Orissa - 1172 Ha
Estimated cost of land acquisition - Rs. 176 Crore
Dredging River portion - 10.07 million cum
Canal portion - 44.77 million cum
Period of Completion 7 years
Estimated Cost (at 2009 prices)
(i) Cost for development of River portion Rs. 2230 cr (Barrages- 1843 cr)
(ii) Cost of development of canal portion Rs. 1979 cr (Dredging- 1273 cr)
(iii) Total Cost Rs. 4209 crore
Barrages To maintain a navigable depth of 2 m in between Talcher to Jokadia, total no. of 5 barrages with navigation lock have been proposed near Village Renthapat, Indrajit, Gobindapur, Bartanda, Matila to allow passage of two 500 tonne vessels at a time.
EIRR River portion- 31.77%
Canal portion- 12.75%
River and canal together- 23.75%

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