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Brahmaputra from Dhubri to Sadiyawas declared as National Waterway no. 2 vide National Waterway (Sadiya-Dhubri stretch of the Brahmaputra river) Act 1988 ( 40 of 1988 ).From Dhubri to Sadiya, the waterway extends for a distance of 891Km. The river Brahmaputra flows downthe centre of Assam Valley.It receives a number of tributaries like Subansiri,Jia Bharali, Dihing, Burhi Dihing, Disang, Dhansiri and Kopili. The Brahmapu­tra along with its continuous water routes leading up to the ports of Calcutta and Haldia is a very important traditional IWT route. Under an agreement with the Govt. of Bangladesh, the CIWTC an other Indian vessel operators are plying their carg0 vessels between Assam and Calcutta region making use of IWT transit facilities through Bangladesh.

Naranarayan_Setu_Bridge_NW2Important river stations/commercial centers along the river bank in NW-2 are Dhubri, Jogighopa, Pandu/Guwahati, Tezpur, Neamati, Dibrugarh, Sadiya and Saikhowa.Pandu/Guwahati is the most important river station on NW-2 and the stretch downstream of Pandu up to Bangladesh Border (260 kms) is the stretch where IWT operation is presently most active.

Cargo moved by IWT Assam vessels in NW2

Fairway Development:
During 2008-09, 16,800 m of bandals were erected and maintained in the entire waterway. In addition, 14,530 m3 of dredging was also done by deploying one CSD which is owned by IWAI. Least Available Depth of 2.0 m was maintained between Dhubri and Dibrugarh and 1.5 m between Dibrugarh and Sadiya round the year. During 2007-08, an important project for construction and supply of four CSD units was sanctioned by the Government at a cost of Rs 75.64 cr and work was also awarded to separate shipbuilders. During 2008-09 all four ABs were delivered by the ship builder while the construction work of other vessels was in progress.

Day Navigational mark in NW2


Construction of low level jetty of fixed terminal (capable of handling container) at Pandu was completed and inaugurated by Secretary (Shipping) on 18.4.09. For construction of high-level jetty of this terminal also, revised estimate of Rs 33.02 cr was sanctioned in Jan. 09. CPWD completed the design and tendering process and awarded the work to construction contractor. Foundation stone of this high level jetty was laid by Chairman IWAI on 19.4.09. Floating terminals exist at Dhubri, Jogighopa, Pandu, Tezpur, Silghat, Jamuguri, Neamati and Dibrugarh. These terminals were maintained and used for transportation of cargo. For construction and supply of 6 terminal pontoons for upgrading floating pontoons at Tezpur, Neamati and Dibrugarh terminal, work was in progress. Under the PDO/PDC mechanism, project for developing coal handling terminal at Jogighopa under PPP mode was taken up and the team of IL & FSIDC inspected the site and collected relevant data to formulate the project.

Jogighopa Floating Terminal in NW2

Channel marks for day navigation were erected and maintained in entire waterway. Night navigation aids were also maintained between Dhubri and Neamati (630 km). Besides, fortnightly thalweg surveys during low water period and monthly surveys during monsoons were carried out, river notices issued and pilotage provided to cargo vessels.
To supplement these aids and for providing state of art 24 hrs navigation aids in the entire waterway, DGPS stations are proposed to be set up at Jogighopa, Tejpur and Dibrugarh. For this, civil work at Jogighopa was started and DGPS instrument was delivered by the supplier. Further, for supply of buoys and lights work was awarded and was in progress. Action to take over land for setting up of DGPS stations at Tejpur and Dibrugarh were initiated. For erecting 35 trestle towers along the waterway also, tendering was processed.

Night Navigational marks placed next to Day light marks in NW2

Facilities for safe 24x7 navigation

IWAI is also regularly issuing fortnightly river notices for the entire stretch of NW-2 (monthly during the flood season). 24 hour Night navigation facilities are in place from Dhubri upto Dibrugarh (768Km). These facilities would considerably facilitate the movement of all vessels on the Brahmaputra.

Overdimensional Cargo

Assam Bengal Navigation,an Indo-British Joint venture with offices in Guwahati and the UK has been operating long distance cruises on the Brahmaputra in Assam since the year 2003.Their first luxury river boat the M.V.Charaidew (GRT 629) with 12 air-conditioned en-suite cabins operates in Assam from October to April.It has facilities for days and night stay of tourists.

House Boat

Salient Feature

Salient Features of National Waterways-2

Name National Waterway-2
Date of declaration Declared vide the National waterway (Sadiya-Dhubri Stretch of the Brahmaputra river) Act, 1988 No. 40 of 1988.
Total length 891 Km
Stretch Details

* Guwahati-Dibrugarh- 508 Km

  • Dibrugarh-Sadiya-123 Km


North End Sadiya
South End Bangladesh Border
Owner Inland Waterways Authority of India (IWAI)
Operator Central Inland Water Transport Corporation (CIWTC)
Least available depth (LAD) 2m in between Dhubri-Dibrugarh (768Kmm) 1.5m between Dibrugarh-Sadiya
Navigational Aids
Channel marks for day navigation were erected and maintained in entire waterway. Night navigation aids were also maintained between Dhubri and Pandu (255 km). Besides, fortnightly thalweg surveys were carried out, river notices issued and pilotage provided to cargo vessels.Action to take over land for setting up of DGPS stations at Jogighopa, Tejpur and Dibrugarh were initiated. 24 Hour night navigation facilities are in place upto Neamati (629 Km) and is to be extended upto Dibrugarh (768 km) by October, 2010.
Important Terminals 11 terminals-Dhubri, Jogighopa, Pandu (Fixed terminals), Tejpur, Silghat, Neamati, Dibrugarh, Sengajan, Panbari, Sadiya, Saikhowa
At present the waterway is being used by vessels of Govt of Assam, CIWTC, Border Security Force, tourism vessels, and other private operators. Long cruise tourist vessels are making voyages between Sivsagar near Dibrugarh and Manas wild life sanctuary near Jogighopa continuously. PoL was transported by IWT on trial from Silghat to Budg- Budg and Baghmari in Bangladesh.
Cargo Owner
HPCL, Numaligarh refineries are some of the cargo interests in the region besides CEA, Cement manufacturers and Government Departments, Assam Petrochemicals and various project implementation agencies.
Limit of NW-2
North-Eastern Limit: A line drawn across the Brahmaputra river from the point on the north bank of the Kundil river at its confluence with the Brahmaputra river near Sadiya to the beginning of the river Island Majuli and there from through all the channels of the Brahmaputra river on either side of the river island Majuli up to the end of the river Island Majuli.
South-Western Limit: International border downstream of Dhubri.

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