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There are a few hydrometeorological data that are useful and available from the observational network. There are two types of hydrometeorological stations:
(a) the rainfall station and
(b) the climatic stations. Apart from the rainfall stations there are few climatic stations at which a number of hydrometeorological parameters like rainfall, dry and wet bulb temperatures, minimum and maximum temperatures, relative humidity, pressure, wind speed and direction, pan evaporation and sunshine duration is observed. From some such stations the data is reported once a day while others report it on twice daily or four times a day basis. Also, few parameters like temperature, humidity and pressure are also observed using autographic equipment and thus are available at shorter intervals.Thus, the data originating from these climatic stations are available in the following formats:
(a) data for each of the observed parameter reported once in a day at 0830 hrs (daily climatic data),
(b) data for each of the observed parameter reported twice a day at 0830 and 1730 hrs. (twice-daily climatic data),
© hourly rainfall, temperature, humidity and pressure data observed by autographic raingauge, thermograph, hygrograph and barograph respectively and
(d) hourly sunshine duration data observed using sunshine recorder.

Parameters observed - The parameter for climatic parameters observed using standard non-recording equipment are rainfall, dry bulb temperature, wet bulb temperature, minimum temperature, maximum temperature, pressure, relative humidity, instantaneous wind speed, average wind speed, wind direction, pan evaporation and temperature of pan water respectively.

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