Minachil Ar


The river originates at East of Erattupeta in the district of Kottayam in Kerala State at 76°52' East longitude and 9°40' North latitude at an elevation of 900 m above MSL. The river has a number of tributaries namely, Kadapuzha Aar, Karipad thodu, Trikovil Aar, Poonjan Aar, Chit Aar, Payappara Thodu etc. This river has a length of 78 km from its origin to the confluence with the Vembanad lake. It drains a total area of 1,272 sq.km. There is no major irrigation project in the basin at present. The basin has no power potential. There is one CWC Hydrological Observation Station at Kidangoor on this river.

This Basin is in receipt of good rainfall and humid atmosphere through out the year. The basin experiences both South West and North East monsoons. The annual rainfall varies from 2420 mm as minimum to maximum of 4686 mm. The monthly mean temperature varies from 26.2°c to 29.4°c observed at I.M.D. observatory. The wind speed observed at this basin is 6.55 to 10.55 km/hr.

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