The Mandovi River is one of the main West Flowing Rivers of Goa State. The river runs in the North- East direction for about 5 km and then follows in the West ward direction. The Mandovi Basin lies between North latitudes of 15º 15' to 15º 40’ and East longitudes of 73º 15’ to 73º 45’ approximately. There are two CWC Hydrological Observation Stations located at Ganjim & Collem.

The Mandovi River drains an area of 1,550 sq km., which lies in Tiswadi, Berdez, Bicholim, Sanguem and Ponda Talukas of Goa State.

The Mandovi River rises in the Jamboti Ghats in Karnataka State. At the origin, near the village Mabulyesheir, it is known as Bhaburnal, which is at an elevation of 600m above M.S.L. The total length of this West Flowing River from its origin to its out fall into the Arabian Sea is 62 km.

The important tributaries of Mandovi River are Sarang, Mahainada, Udel, Lohi, Velvota Bicholim, Mapuce, Nanoda and Khandepar.

The average rainfall in the Mandovi Basin is 3,484mm. The lowest and highest temperatures recorded are 9.30º C during January 1937 and 42.6º C during March 1959 respectively. March to May are the hottest months of the year and December to January are the coldest months of the year.

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