The river Kundalika, one of the West flowing rivers, in Maharashtra originates in the Sahyadri hills of the Western Ghats near the village Bhamburda. Initially, the river flows in South-West direction up to Patnus village and then turns to North-West till it joins the Arabian sea near village Korlai. The length of the river is about 74 km before joining the sea.

The G&D Site at Kolad receives the direct releases from Dholwahal weir. The left bank and right bank canals from Dholwahal weir are conveying water of Kundalika to the adjacent river basins namely Savitri and Amba. The source of Water for diversion is mainly from the tail water Bhira – Hydroelectric project on Kundalika river. Though the dam at Bhira does not have any live storage, it gets water from Mulshi dam in Pune district on the other side of the Western Ghats.

The tidal effect of the Arabian Sea is affected up to the town Roha at about 34 kms from the sea.

The CWC Hydrological Observation Site Kolad is at about 8 km upstream of the backwater-affected area. The catchment area covered up to the site from the origin of the river is 294 sq.km. The flow in the river is seasonal. Dhowlwaral weir is situated at 3 km Upstream of the site.

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