Kanhirapuzha Major Irrigation Project JI02675

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1Irrigation Project Name Kanhirapuzha Major Irrigation Project
2Irrigation Project Name Alias Kanhirapuzha Irrigation Project
3Purpose Irrigation
4Type Major
5Engineering Type Storage
6Status Completed
7State Kerala
8Districts Benefited Palakkad
9Basin West flowing rivers from Tadri to Kanyakumari
10River Kanhira Puzha
11Project Sharing None
12Intercountry None
13Interbasin No
14Work Started in 5 Year Plan III-Plan
15Completed in 5 Year Plan VIII-Plan
16Project Approval Status Planning Commission
17Year of Approval by Planning Commission 1964
18Approved Cost (Rs. in cr) 3.65
19Actual Cost (Rs. in cr) 112
20Culturable Command Area (CCA) (th ha) 8.467
21Ultimate Irrigation Potential (UIP) (th ha) 19.05
22Potential Created (PC) (th ha) 19.05
23Project Covered under ERM Scheme Yes
24Project Covered under CADA Scheme Yes
25Project Covered under AIBP Scheme Yes
26Studies Conducted
27Project Covered under Tribal Sub-Plan No
28Project Covered under Drought Prone Area Programme (DPAP)
1Kanhira Puzha (Id) DamDam


Kanhirapuzha Irrigation project in Palakkad district (Kerala) comprises of a Gross storage reservoir of 70.80 MCM capacity. The Kanhirapuzha River is a tributary of Thuthapuzha, which is a tributary of Bharatapuzha. The catchment area lies entirely in Kerala state. The head works are located 13 km from Mannarkkad and 43 km from Palakkad.

This is an earth cum masonry dam 2128 m long across Kanhirapuzha river and right and left bank canal systems to irrigate a culturable command area of 9713 ha spread over Mannarkkad,Ottappalam and Palakkad Taluk of Palakkad District.The project envisages annual irrigation of 21853 ha with an intensity of irrigation of 225%.The project was started in 1961 and partially commissioned in 1980 and total CCA covered was 8465 hectare and potential created was 19051 hectare. The main components of the project are:

i) An earth cum masonry dam of 2128 meter in length, out of which the earthen section is for a length of 1896 meter and maximum height of 28 meter.The masonry section is 231.60 meter in length and maximum height of 38 meter.

ii) The spillway consists of 3 spans with vertical gates.

ii) The Right Bank Canal is 9.36 Km in length with a design discharge of 2.83 m3/sec to irrigate an ayacut of 1525 Ha (CCA).

iii) The length of the proposed Left Bank canal is 61.71 km with a design discharge of 11.33 m3/sec to irrigate an ayacut of 8187 Ha (CCA).

State Fisheries Department is engaged in fish culture in the reservoir. The District Tourism Promotion council has taken up development of a garden with facilities for boating at the toe of the dam for tapping of tourism potential

Techno-Economic Appraisal

The approval to the estimate for Rs 3.65 crore (1954 price level) was obtained from the Planning Commission in the year 1964. The revised estimate was sanctioned for Rs 1052.20 lakh (1970 price level)by Planning Commission in the year 1975.

The project as ERM has been approved by Planning Commission in the year 2008 for an estimated cost of Rs 30.0 crore, to cover balance CCA of 1247 hectare and thereby creating potential of 2806 hectare.

The latest estimated cost of the whole project is 112.0 crore (2004 price level).

Present Status

The project was partially commissioned in the year 1980. Now the project as ERM, has been taken under AIBP (PM Package) in the year 2008-09. The main objective of this ERM scheme is to improve the irrigation efficiency of the existing distribution system by means of renovation and modernization of existing canals and strengthening of head works. Thus, by saving the water that is being wasted due to poor condition of the distribution system, it is proposed to achieve the balance irrigation potential of 2806 Ha by covering CCA of 1247 hectare. Upto March 2012 so far 2790 hectare potential has been created and the project is likely to be complted shortly.

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