Irrigation and Power Complexes

There are many Irrigation, Hydro Power and Multipurpose projects which were approved initially as independent projects.Subsequently due to Interstate agreements and new projects coming up on downstream and upstream, the water planning was done in such a way that operation of these projects are now done in an integrated manner. Such type of the projects are are now being called as Irrigation, Hydro Power & Multipurpose Complex.

S.NoCodeName of the Complex ProjectAssociated Projects
1JX00001Ganga Complex

- Ganga Multi Purpose Project_JP00024

  1. Ramganga Multi Purpose Project_JP00025
  2. Tehri Multi Purpose Project_JP00022
2JX00002Ken Complex

- Extension of Ken Canal (78 miles channels)_E00426

3JX00003Adwa Meja, Jirgo, Bansagar Complex

- Bakhar Marihan Feeder Medium Irrigation Project_JI01943

  1. Bansagar Dam Interstate Project_JS00001
  2. Raising Meja Dam_E00434
4JX00004Krishna Complex

- Krishna Barrage(including old Krishna Delta system) JI00023

  1. Modernisation of Krishna delta & Pulichinthala Dam Project_E00479
  2. Nagarjuna Sagar Multi Purpose Project_JP00011
5JX00005Vamsadhara Complex

- Vamsadhara Stage - II Phase - I Major Irrigation Project_JI00054

6JX00006Pennar Complex

- Pennar Delta system including Kanigiri Irrigation Project_JI00032

7JX00007Sabri Complex

- Lower Sileru Hydroelectric Project_JH01428

8JX00008Yeleru Complex

- Yeleru Reservoir Project Ph. I_JI00057

9JX00009Idamalyar Complex

- Idamalayar Major Irrigation Project_JI02689

10JX00010Muvattapuzha Complex

- Muvattupuzha Major Irrigation Project_JI02688

11JX00011Kuttiyadi Complex

- Kuttiyadi Hydroelectric Project_JH01194

12JX00012Pamba Complex

- Sabarigiri Hydroelectric Project_JH01237

13JX00013Narmada Complex

- Maheshwar Hydroelectric Project_JH00018

  1. Omkareswar Multi Purpose Project_JP00004
  2. Sardar Sarovar Multi Purpose Project_JP00047
14JX00014Sindh Complex

- Sindh Phase - I Major Irrigation Project_JI00995

15JX00015Betwa Complex

- Rajghat Multi Purpose Project_JP00006

16JX00016Bansagar Complex

- Bansagar Multi Purpose Project_JP00007

  1. Sone Canal Modernization Scheme_E00309
17JX00017Wainganga Complex

- Upper Wainganga(Sanjay Sarovar) Major Irrigation Project JI00983

18JX00018Bargi Complex

- Bargi Multi Purpose Project_JP00002

18JX00018Tungabhadara Complex

- Kurnool Cuddapah Canal Major Irrigation Project_JI03603

  1. Rajolibandh Interstate Project_JS00046
  2. Tungabhadra Multi Purpose Project_JP00026
19JX00019Varahi Complex

- Varahi Hydroelectric Project_JH01446

20JX00020Cauvery Complex

- Bhavani Kattalai Barrage - II Hydroelectric Project_JH01482

  1. Cauvery Delta Interstate Project_JS00034
  2. Mettur Multi Purpose Project_JP00032
  3. New Kattalai High Level Canal_E00037
21JX00021Bhavani Complex

- Kalingarayan Major Irrigation Project_JI02537

22JX00022Kodayar Complex

- Kodayar System Major Irrigation Project_JI02547


23JX00023Subernarekha Complex

- Subernarekha Major Irrigation Project_JI02447

  1. Subernarekha Multi Purpose Project_JP00037


24JX00024Salindi Complex

- Integrated Anandpur Barrage(Anandpur Barrage Phase-I & II, Salandi Sanskar) Major Irrigation Project JI03589

25JX00025Mahanadi Delta Complex

- Mahanadi Birupa Barrage Major Irrigation Project_JI03610

  1. Mahanadi Delta (Stage II & Extension of Stage - I)_E00464


26JX00026Brahmani Baitarni Complex

- Rengali Multi Purpose Project_JP00043

27JX00027Mahi Complex

- Mahi Kadana Multi Purpose Project_JP00049

28JX00028Beas Complex

- Diversion Weir of Shahnahar _JI03047

  1. Extn. of phase II of Kandi Canal (Hosh. to Bala.) _E00155
  2. Shahnahar Canal Remodelling its Extension & Kandi Canal Major Irrigation Project_JI03045
29JX00029Ravi Complex

- Ranjit Sagar Dam Hydroelectric Project_JH01087

  1. Remodelling of Channels of UBDC System _E00132
30JX00030Bhakra Beas Complex

- Bhakra Multi Purpose Project_JP00050

31JX00031Ravi Beas Complex

- Eastern Canal Major Irrigation Project_JI03038

  1. Gang Canal Modernisation_E00004
  2. IGNP Stage-I ERM_E00005
  3. Remodelling of Channels of UBDC System _E00132
32JX00032IGNP Complex

- IGNP Stage - II(Rajasthan Canal Stage - II) Major Irrigation Project JI01516

  1. IGNP Stage-I ERM_E00005
33JX00033Yamuna Complex

- Lakhwar Multipurpose Interstate Project_JS00058

  1. Yamuna Canal Multi Purpose Project_JP00053
34JX00034Agra & Gurgaon Canal Complex

- Gurgaon Canal Interstate Project_JS00028

  1. New Okhla Barrage_E00430
35JX00035Indus Yamuna Complex

- Rewari Lift Stage - II Irrigation Project_JI01673

  1. Western Yamuna Canal Remodelling_E00349
36JX00036Godavari Complex

- Godavari(Darna) Irrigation Project JI00246

37JX00037Pravara Complex

- Pravara Major Irrigation Project_JI00247

38JX00038Chankapur Punand Complex

- Punad Major Irrigation Project_JI00489

39JX00039Pench Complex

- Pench Major Irrigation Project_JI00281

40JX00040Bagh Kalisarar Complex

- Kalisarar Interstate Project_JS00011

41JX00041Mula Complex

- Mula High Level Right Bank Canal(Wamboori Canal) Major Irrigation Project JI03584

42JX00042Mahanadi Complex

- Sondur Reservoir Project Major Irrigation Project_JI03465

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