IGNP Stage - I Major Irrigation Project JI01515

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1Irrigation Project Name IGNP Stage - I Major Irrigation Project
2Irrigation Project Name Alias
3Purpose Irrigation
4Type Major
5Engineering Type Storage
6Status Completed
7State Rajasthan
8Districts Benefited Bikaner,Hanumangarh,Churu,Ganganagar
9Basin Indus up to International Border, Area of inland drainage of Rajasthan
10River Ravi-Beas
11Project Sharing None
12Intercountry None
13Interbasin Yes
14Work Started in 5 Year Plan II-Plan
15Completed in 5 Year Plan AP (1990-92)
16Project Approval Status Planning Commission
17Year of Approval by Planning Commission 1957
18Approved Cost (Rs. in cr) 66.46
19Actual Cost (Rs. in cr) 276.83
20Culturable Command Area (CCA) (th ha) 525
21Ultimate Irrigation Potential (UIP) (th ha) 525
22Potential Created (PC) (th ha) 525
23Project Covered under ERM Scheme Yes
24Project Covered under CADA Scheme Yes
25Project Covered under AIBP Scheme No
26Studies Conducted
27Project Covered under Tribal Sub-Plan No
28Project Covered under Drought Prone Area Programme (DPAP) Yes
1Harike BarrageBarrage/ Weir/ Anicut (BWA)

Brief Description of the Project

In order to bring Sutlej water to Thar desert area in Rajasthan, a constructive effort was made only after independence. Construction of Harike barrage along with head works for Rajasthan Feeder, Ferozpur Feeder and Makhu Canal at 3 km downstream of confluence of the rivers Sutlej and Beas was undertaken. The construction of Rajasthan Feeder commenced in 1958. To ensure efficient, economical and expeditious implementation of the works, Rajasthan Canal Board comprising members from Govt, of India, Govt, of Rajasthan, Punjab and the then Central Water and Power Commission was constituted in 1958.Dr kanwar Sain ex Chairman, CWPC is considered as the main architect of this project.

Construction of 204 km. long Rajasthan Feeder Canal, parallel to Sir Hind Canal in Punjab and Haryana was completed by 1964.

Indus Water Treaty - 1960 between India and Pakistan allowed India to use the water of three rivers Ravi, Beas and Sutlej to its choice.

Prior to this treaty an inter-state agreement amongst the beneficiary States (Punjab, Rajasthan and Jammu & Kashmir) was signed on 29th Jan. 1955 as per which Rajasthan was allocated 8.00 MAF out of Surplus 15.85 MAF water (as per 1921-45 flow series) over and above pre-partition use of Ravi and Beas waters (Sutlej water had already been planned to be utilized for the Bhakra Nangal Project). On formation of Haryana State in 1966 the question of reallocation of Ravi and Beas water became a matter of dispute. However, this was settled through an inter-state agreement on 31.12.1981. As per this, the 17.17 MAF (Flow & Storage- as per 1921-60 flow series) surplus Ravi & Beas water over and above the pre-partition uses was reallocated as under:-

Share of Punjab 4.22 MAF

Share of Haryana 3.50 MAF

Share of Rajasthan 8.60 MAF

Qty. earmarked for Delhi Water Supply 0.20 MAF

Share for Jammu & Kashmir 0.65MAF

Total- 17.17 MAF

The following Projects have been formulated by the State Govt, to utilize Rajasthan's Share:

a) Rajasthan Canal 7.59 MAF

b) Sidhmukh Irigation Project 0.34 MAF

c) Nohar Irrigation Project 0.13 MAF

d) Mod. of Gang Canal 0.33 MAF

e) Bhakra System 0.21 MAF

Total-8.60 MAF

IGNP - Stage -I

The Indira Gandhi Canal Project stage - I comprises of 204 km long feeder canal and 189 km long main canal and its distribution system inlcluding Kanwar Sain lift canal to irrigate the areas in Ganganagar, Bikaner and Jaisalmer district. The project was started as whole project (Stage - I & II)in the year 1957 and during construction, the scope of the project went on changing due to which the cost of the project increased substantially. Therefore in the year 1970, the project was split into two stages i.e Stage - I & II. The stage - I was completed in the year 1992 and ERM of the project was also taken up during 1993 and completed during XI plan. The CCA & potential of the project is 557.6 Th ha.

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