This river originates at an altitude of 870 m above M.S.L in the Western Ghats near Someswara in the reserved forests of Karnataka. The river is called as Varahi in the upper reaches and takes the name Haladi after confluence with Munda Koduhole near Haladi village. The river has a catchment area of 781 sq km and a total length of 70 km. The CWC Hydrological Observation Station is located at Haladi. The Haladi hydro-electric project, which is on the upstream of this Station, has been commissioned during 1990.

This basin experiences its winter season from December to February and during this period clear weather prevails. It is then followed by summer season up to May. There after South West monsoon prevails up to September. October and November constitute the North East monsoon .The temperature of this basin varies from 32.4°c to 21.7°c. This basin experiences high humidity, especially during South-West monsoon season. The wind speed is fairly strong during monsoon period, and varies from 6.8 to 9.6 km/hr. The basin experiences an average annual rainfall of 5516 mm.

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