Gad River

The Gad River is one of the West Flowing Rivers in Maharashtra falling into Arabian Sea. The Gad Basin lies between North latitude 16o to 16o 20' and East longitude 73º 30’ to 74º approximately. The CWC Hydrological Observation Station is located at Belne Bridge.

The Gad rises from the Sahyadri hill ranges in the Sindhudurg district of Maharashtra at an elevation of 600m above M.S.L. The total length of the River from its origin to its outfall into the Arabian Sea is 66 km. The Gad drains an area of 890 sq km which lies completely in Sindhudurg district of Maharashtra.

The important major tributary of the Gad River is Kasal. The Kasal River confluences with the river Gad near the village Chunavara. During monsoon, tidal effect reaches up to this village. The Kasal River accounts for 20.8% of the total catchment area of the Gad.

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