East flowing rivers between Pennar and Kanyakumari

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Hydrological Observation Stations Map

Hydrological Observation Stations Map


The basin extends over states of Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka and Union Territory of Puducherry having a total area of 1,00,139 Sq.km and accounts for 3.08% of the total geographical area of the country. The basin extends between 77°1’ to 80°17’ east longitudes and 8°11’ to 14°27’ north latitudes. It is bounded by the Eastern Ghats on the north, by Tamil Nadu uplands on the west, by the Indian Ocean on the south and by the Bay of Bengal on the east. The composite basin comprises of the river systems between Pennar and Cauvery having an area of 65,049 Sq.km and the river systems between Cauvery and Kanyakumari with an area of 35,090 Sq.km The independent rivers (directly draining into Bay of Bengal) are the Kandleru, the Swarnamukhi, the Arani, the Korttalaiyar, the Cooum, the Adyar, the Palar, the Gingee, the Ponnaiyar, the Vellar, the Varshalei, the Vaigai, the Gundar, the Vaippar and the Tambraparni. The major part of basin is covered with agricultural land accounting to 66.65% of the total area and 9.02% of the basin is covered by water bodies. The basin spreads over 41 parliamentary constituencies (2009) comprising of 30 Tamil Nadu, 6 of Karnataka, 4 of Andhra Pradesh and 1 of Puducherry.

Salient Features of East flowing rivers between Pennar and Kanyakumari Basin
Basin Extent Longitude
77° 1’ to 80° 17’ E
8° 11’ to 14° 27’ N
Length of River (Km)Many Independent rivers flowing
Basin Area (Sq.km.) 100139
Average Water Resource Potential (MCM) 16460
Utilizable Surface Water Resource (MCM) 16500
Live Storage Capacity of Completed Projects (MCM) 1602.0
Live Storage Capacity of Projects Under Construction (MCM) 1703.0
Total Live Storage Capacity of Projects (MCM) 3305.0
No. of Hydrological Observation Stations (CWC) 17
No. of Flood Forecasting Stations (CWC) 0

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