Dhom Balkawadi Tunnel Major Irrigation Project JI00504

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1Irrigation Project Name Dhom Balkawadi Tunnel Major Irrigation Project
2Irrigation Project Name Alias
3Purpose Irrigation
4Type Major
5Engineering Type Storage
6Status Ongoing
7State Maharashtra
8Districts Benefited Satara
9Basin Krishna
10River Krishna
11Project Sharing None
12Intercountry None
13Interbasin No
14Work Started in 5 Year Plan IX-Plan
15Completed in 5 Year Plan
16Project Approval Status Planning Commission
17Year of Approval by Planning Commission 2007
18Approved Cost (Rs. in cr) 475.29
19Actual Cost (Rs. in cr)
20Culturable Command Area (CCA) (th ha) 28.1
21Ultimate Irrigation Potential (UIP) (th ha) 12.67
22Potential Created (PC) (th ha)
23Project Covered under ERM Scheme No
24Project Covered under CADA Scheme Yes
25Project Covered under AIBP Scheme Yes
26Studies Conducted
27Project Covered under Tribal Sub-Plan No
28Project Covered under Drought Prone Area Programme (DPAP) Yes
1Dhom Balakwadi DamDam
2Dhom DamDam

Dhom Balakwadi Project

Project in Brief

Dhom Balkawadi Major Irrigation project is situated in Satara district of Maharashtra State. The Dam across river Krishna is located near village Balkawadi in Taluka Wai, 32 km from Wai town. The project envisages construction of 1211 m long earthen dam with maximum height 65.10 m and three radial gates of size 12m x 5 m to carry a maximum design flood of 1758 cumecs. Gross storage capacity of the dam is 115.53 Mm³ and live storage 112.13 Mm³. A power house of 4 MW installed capacity is proposed at the toe of the dam.

Command area of the project lies in Pune and Satara districts. The Right Bank Canal is 147.0 km long and the Left Bank Canal is 14.50 km long to irrigate an area of 18100 ha (ICA) which covers 1050 ha in Bhor Taluka of Pune district and 17050 ha in Khandala & Phaltan Talukas of Satara district. The CCA of the project is 28100 hectare and Ultimate irrigation potential is 12670 hectare.

The project was earlier approved by Planning Commission for Rs 475.29 crore (at price level 1999-2000) vide No. 2(368)/2006-WR (Water Resources Division) dated 23rd March 2007. The estimated cost has been revised to Rs 848.89 crore (DSR 2008-09) and revised cost has been accepted by TAC in its 101st meeting held on 30/11/2009 & approved by Planning Commission vide No. 2(368)/2010-WR dated 09.02.2010 with timeframe of 2011-12.

Present Status

The project was started during the year 1996 & included under AIBP in the year 2007-08. Since then the dam is complted and canal system is under progress. So far upto march 2011, potentail of 4771 hectare is created.

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