Chaliyar River

The Chaliyar, known in the lower reaches, as the Beypore is one of the major rivers of Kerala. The main river starts from the Elambalari hills at an altitude of 2,067 m above MSL. It is formed by the confluence of numerous streams and rivers. Its important tributaries are the Cherupuzha, the Iringipuzha, the Kurumbanpuzha, the Kanhirapuzha, the Punnapuzha, the Karimpuzha, the Vadapuram-puzha and the Chaliyarpuzha. The Chaliyar, flowing for a total length of about 169 km finally joins the Arabian Sea at Beypore. The river drains a total area of about 2,933 sq km. of which 388 sq km. lies in Tamil Nadu. There is one CWC Hydrological Observation Station at Kuniyil on this river.

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