Burhi Gandak Basin

The Burhi Gandak Basin is bounded on the north by the Himalayas, on the south by the River Ganga, on the east by the Kosi Basin and on the west by the Gandak Basin. The basin extends over the district West Champaran,Muzaffarpur,Samstipur and Khagaria of Bihar state.

River burhi Gandak rise in the West Champaran district from the spring of Someshwar hills at an elevation of 300 mt. At north latitude 27°29” and east longitude 84°8”. The river is known as Sikrchana in its upper reaches. It flows through the West Champaran district in south east direction and is joined by several tributaries like Masan, Harbora, Tilawe, Siriswa, Koria, Pasaha, Tiar Hahwa with their catchment in Someshwar hills. Affter the confluence of Tier river Sikrchana is known as Burhi Gandak and enters Muzaffarpur district flowing in a south easterly dfirection. In Muzaffarpur district it has no tributaries and enters in Darbhanga district near Pusa. River takes a turn towards south and crosses the Samastipur, Mansi Railway line through Rusera Railway Bridge and therefore passes through Khagaria distrct. After receiving tributary Bainty Balan river flows in easterly direction and falls into the River Ganga about 7 km east from the district Khagaria.

Its total catchments area are 12,180 Sq.Km of which about 10.370 sq.Km lie in Bihar and about 1,810 sq.Km in Nepal. The total length of river is 579 Km.

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