The river Bhogeshwari rises in the Western ghats near village Bhogeshwari, District- Raighad of Maharashtra at an altitude of about 228.6 m above the sea level. The river flows in the West direction through the Taluka- Pen and merges in the Dharmtar creek near village Antora. The total run of the river is about 40 km before joining the sea.

The tidal effect of the sea (backwater effect is felt up to 14 km up-stream of confluence with the sea i.e, up to road bridge on NH-17 connecting Goa and Mumbai. The CWC Hydrological Observation site is located at Pen about 3 km up-stream of the back affected area. The catchment area of basin up to the site from the origin is 125

The site covers the releases of Hetwane medium Irrigation project on Bhogeshwari river and Ambaghar project existing on the tributary of Bhogeswari river. The length of the river from it’s origin to the site is 22 km.

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