Bhadar River

The Bhadar is one of the major rivers of Kathaiwar (Saurashtra) peninsula in Gujarat. It originates near Vaddi (Aniali Village) about 26 km north – west of Jasdan in Rajkot district at an elevation of 261 m above mean sea level. It flows towards South up to Jasdan and turns towards south - west upto Jetpur and finally changes its direction towards west till its confluence with Arabian sea at Naviobandar (Porbandar). The total length of this river is 198 km. It has a drainage area of 7094 out of which 706 sq km is in hilly and the rest in plain regions of Saurashtra. The basin lies between geographical co-ordinates of 210 25’ and 220 10’ north latitudes and 690 45’ and 710 20’ east longitudes. It drains about 1/7th of the area of Saurashtra.

The Bhadar receives several tributaries on both the banks. There are 9 major tributaries having lengths more than 25 km out of which 6 tributaries namely Gandali, Chapparwadi, Phopal, Utawali, Moj and Venu are feeding from the right and the remaining 3 tributaries namely Vasavadi, Surwa and Galolio from the left. The drainage system of the river on right bank is more extensive as compared to the left bank.

The average rainfall in Bhadar basin is 625 mm. In winter the temperature vary between 40 C and 150 C in different Parts of the region. May is the hottest month. Maximum temperature varies between 400 C and 450 C. At present, there are 12 completed structures, either reservoirs or weirs, in Bhadar catchment.

There is only one monitoring station for gauge-discharge and sediment load analysis in this basin, which is near the mouth of river in plains of Rajkot district at Ganod.

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