Banbasa Barrage B00161

1Name of Barrage/ Weir/ Anicut Banbasa Barrage
2Name of Barrage/ Weir/ Anicut Alias Upper Sarda Barrage
3River Sarada
4Basin Ganga
5Nearest City Khatima
6District Champawat
7State Uttarakhand
8Status Completed
9Operating & Maintainance Agency
10Purpose of Barrage/ Weir/ Anicut
11Year of Commencement (YYYY) 1921
12Year of Completion (YYYY) 1928
13Barrage/ Weir/ Anicut (Interstate/ International) BT
14Barrage's/ Weir's/ Anicut's (Interstate/ International) Agreement Yes
15Barrage/ Weir/ Anicut as per Parliamentary Constituency Almora
16Seismic Zone Seismic Zone-IV
17Type of Weir/ Anicut
18Width of River (m) 850
19Length of Barrage & Anicut (m) 603.5
20No. of Bays 30
21Width of Bay (m) 15.24
22Height upto Crest (m) 9.146
23Crest Level of Spillway (m) 218.54
24Pond Level (m) 223.11
25Highest Flood Level (m) 225.55
26Design Flood Discharge (cumec) 19821
27Means for Dissipating Energy (Hydraulic) Sloping glacis with dentated sill and friction block
28Sediment Excluding Devices Silt Ejector
29Type of Spillway Gate Vertical Lift
30No. of Spillway Gates 30
31Size of Spillway Gates (m x m) 15.24×3.96
32Mode of Operation
33Type of Hoisting Arrangement
34No. of Under Sluice Bay 4
35Size of Under Sluice Bay (m x m) 15
36No. of Under Sluice Gate 4
37Size of Under Sluice Gate (m x m) 15.24×4.57
38Type of Under Sluice Gate VL
39Location of Head Regulator from Barrage
40Orientation of Head Regulator with respect to Barrage axis (Angular Unit)
41Width of Head Regulators
42Numbers of Head Regulator Bays
43Width of Head Regulator Bays
44Numbers of Head Regulator Gates
45Type of Head Regulator Gates
46Size of Head Regulator Gates
47Type of Hoisting Arrangement for Head Regulator Gates
48Means of Dissipating Energy below Head (Canal Head Regulator)
49Maximum Discharge of Canal 269
1Banbasa Barrage ReservoirReservoir
2Khatima Medium Irrigation ProjectMajor Medium Irrigation Project
3Khatima Power HousePowerhouse
4Sarda Canal Major Irrigation Project UttarakhandMajor Medium Irrigation Project
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