Baitarani River

The Baitarani is one of the important east flowing rivers of peninsular India, flowing eastward and joining the Bay of Bengal. The river rises in the hill ranges of Keonjhar District of Orissa near Manakarancho village at an elevation of about 900m above M.S.L. On its way, many tributaries join the river from both banks. Details of the tributaries have been given in the table below. The basin is situated approximately between east longitudes of 850 - 10’to 870 -03’and between north latitudes of 200 -35’to 220 -15’. The basin is surrounded by the Brahmani on the south and west, the Subernarekha on the orth, the Burhganbalang and the Bay of Bengal on the east. The river is flashy in nature having a total length of 355 km. With the upper reach upto to Anandpur in the hilly reason. There is a considerable fall in geographical gradient from RL 367.000 m at Champua to RL 28.000 m at Anandpur. State-wise area distribution is as under:

State-wise Catchment area distribution

Sl.No. Name of State Catchment Area ( Percentage of total
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